Protect our Communities’ Most Venerable

Byron Greens

November 27, 2021

The Byron Greens support our community and our most vulnerable 

The Byron Greens drove the early adoption of a Byron Shire Positive Ageing Strategy and a Byron Shire Youth Strategy. Sadly, over the last nine years those strategies were ignored and finally in 2020 they were repealed. Currently Byron Council has no specific strategies or policies in place to support healthy ageing or youth in our Shire. 

The Byron Greens commit to community consultation in the preparation of a new healthy ageing strategy that focuses on keeping Byron’s ageing population in the Shire. 

The Byron Greens will continue the existing work Council has commenced on a Byron transport strategy. The Byron Greens continue work to update the Byron disability inclusion plan. 

We also commit to reviewing the 2020 Arts and Cultural Policy considering the massive impacts COVID has had on our arts and cultural industry. 

The Byron Greens also commit to updating or implementing new community policies across the Shire that will support our community. 

  • First Nations 
  • Diversity 
  • Food systems 
  • Active lifestyle 
  • Volunteering 
  • Sustainable and regenerative agriculture 
  • Social impact assessment 
  • Cultural diversity 
  • Events and function management 
  • Filming on Council managed land 

Without a plan or a strategy how can Byron meet the needs of its ageing population as they move from independent living to different levels of care. Without a plan and engagement with our youth how can Byron effectively address the problems our local youth are facing and help them to stay in our community when they become adults. 

Only the Byron Greens will protect our communities most vulnerable and plan for a better future. 

A vote for the Byron Greens is a vote for better community services for everyone. 

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