Support Diverse Local Healthcare Options

Byron Greens

November 26, 2021

The Byron Greens support traditional medicine, complimentary therapies, and allied health.

The Byron Greens:

  • Acknowledge that the use of all drugs and medicines, both legal and illegal, have the potential to cause harm to the individual and to the community. 
  • Support research into the therapeutic use of psychedelics, particularly for PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 
  • Support the legal use of traditional medicines from all cultures. 
  • Believe a wide range of conventional and proven complementary therapies should be accessible and affordable under the health system. 
  • Believe in science-based medicine. 
  • Support the growth of the Byron Shire health, healing, and well-being industry. 
  • Support the expansion of the Byron medicinal herb and supplement industry.   
  • Support the expansion of the medical, industrial and food cannabis industries in Byron Shire. 
  • Support the decriminalisation and legalisation of marijuana use in NSW. 
  • Support the right of individuals to choose the type of medicine that they want to put into their bodies. 
  • Support the right of individuals to choose the health therapies and therapists that they want to use whether science based or otherwise. 
  • Support the right of individuals to be in control of their own consciousness and to alter their consciousness if they choose to, in safe and controlled settings, when there is no risk of harm to others. 
  • Support voluntary euthanasia in NSW and the right for people to die with dignity on their own terms. 
  • Support the right of alternative, complimentary and allied health professionals to practice their professions without undue interference from government where the health and wellbeing of their patients is protected. 
  • Support the expansion of Southern Cross University and TAFE offerings in Byron Shire and the Northern Rivers that will allow students to study alternative, complimentary and allied health courses. 
  • Believe that big pharma should be prohibited from making political donations or from providing incentives and bonuses to health providers. 
  • Support the establishment of an Australian based, publicly owned pharmaceutical company that can conduct research in the public interest and can also produce cheap generic drugs. 

Only the Byron Greens are committed to our community having the widest possible range of health choices and control over their own mind and bodies. 

A vote for the Byron Greens is a vote for free choice in health care. 

Vote for Byron Greens NOW by pre-poll at the Byron Community Centre or Mullumbimby Civic hall from now up until election day, Saturday the 4th of December. 

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