The Housing Crisis

Byron Greens

November 10, 2021

Our community is being eroded by high property prices and rents.
Too many locals have been forced to leave the Shire.
Too many homes have been lost to holiday letting.

The Greens are guided by the belief that housing is a basic human right.

The use of entire dwellings for commercial purposes like holiday let has been opposed by The Greens for over a decade.

The Greens will advocate for housing for our community including for essential workers, for First Nations People, for vulnerable groups including aged, low income, single parents, disability and youth, and for homeless people.


The Greens will lobby the State Government to:

  • build more social housing in Byron Shire,
  • provide more government agency support for those in need,
  • transfer of caravan parks on Crown Land from corporate management by the state’s “Reflections” system to the Arakwal,
  • exempt Byron Shire from state imposed high density rules,
  • give Council more control over planning rules, so we can protect existing neighbourhoods.

The Greens in Council will


  • investigate ways of swinging the planning pendulum to facilitate low scale affordable housing, and to ensure long term genuinely affordable housing within new developments,
  • continue to support Intentional Communities by working with existing Multiple Occupancies to explore having additional dwellings; by reviewing density options for new MO’s; and by inviting existing Community Title properties to review their Lot numbers and potential for secondary dwellings,
  • encourage existing large homes to be partitioned to dual households,
  • support housing being made accessible, for disability and aged residents.

We have the support of Greens MP Tamara Smith telling state parliament about the housing crisis.

We look forward to the support of Greens future MP Mandy Nolan telling them about it too.

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