Bring Back the Bruns

Byron Greens

November 18, 2021

The Byron Greens recognise that the Brunswick River is under increasing pressure from many sources.

Increasing recreational and tourist use, pollution, run off, sewerage, stormwater, and coastal water degradation all play their part.

The Byron Greens support the Arakwal and other Bundjalung groups being granted formal joint-management of the Cape Byron Marine Park to give better protection to the estuary of the river.


We will:

  • Make sure that the Ocean Shores and Brunswick Valley Sewerage Treatment Plants comply with requirements identified for the health of the Brunswick River Estuary.
  • Make sure that storing untreated sewerage in open ponds for later treatment is never part of any sewerage system including the Brunswick Valley system
  • Limit pollution entering the River from Council managed roadways.
  • Protect our Mangroves, Coastal Wetlands and Littoral Rainforests by making positive planning changes.
  • Continue to make river and creek crossings fish friendly to allow them passage and reoccupation of habitat.
  • Support further research and conservation on threatened aquatic species and eco-systems in the Brunswick river catchment.
  • Continue to closely monitor Reflections Holiday Parks management of their water frontages and remind them of their past commitments.
  • Put greater scrutiny on Development Applications that have the potential to negatively impact the river.
  • Support community wishes and aspirations for the re-development of the Brunswick boat harbour.
  • Balance tourist and recreational uses of the River with the protection of its banks and eco-systems.

Protection of the river is not just our business. We will work with Water NSW, Fisheries, Crown lands and Marine Parks to make sure they play their part in protecting the River.

Byron’s Platypuses deserve clean unpolluted water and deep waterholes to live in.

Only Byron Greens are committed to decisive action to protect and enhance our creeks and waterways.

A vote for the Byron Greens is a vote for Byron’s Platypus.

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