Byron greens 2021 council candidates

Duncan Dey

Mayoral & councillor candidate for Byron Council

I’ve been a member of Byron Greens for 25 years, 6 of those as a Byron councillor. My priorities are environmental protection and respect and support for our community.  I have decades of experience as a Civil Engineer and I understand the complexity of planning issues. I’m proud to lead a great team of Greens candidates. As your Mayor I will represent our wonderful shire with care & consideration

Sarah Ndiaye

Councillor candidate for Byron Council

As Deputy Mayor I’m focussed on the challenges that Byron Shire is currently facing. There are key issues we must resolve such as the housing crisis, climate change and infrastructure management. I’m committed to Council supporting and advocating for First Nations rights.

Matthew O’Reilly

Councillor candidate for Byron Council

As a long-term campaigner, I’ve prepared myself for council by attending every council meeting in the last term and working with community organisations. I have the experience and knowledge of planning and governance to contribute to a better future for Byron Shire.

Ian Cohen

Councillor candidate for Byron Council

As a 40-year resident of this biodiverse shire, I want to continue representing the species that cannot vote but whose presence is an eloquent reminder of the fragility of our planet. Byron Council should be at the forefront of environmental protection.

How to vote for our candidates

In order to ensure the Council elections are Covid safe, volunteers will not be able to hand out How-to-Vote cards at the Council elections. Go to the link below to see our How-to-Vote card 

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