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The North Coast of NSW has been one of the nurseries of The Greens in Australia.

23 Greens paddle at
BallinaWithin Byron Shire our Greens Councillors are working hard to build better communities.

Around the North Coast there are many vibrant environment groups, human rights groups and social justice groups. The Greens, as the third force in Australian politics, embrace and support all progressive forces within society.

Byron  Greens has a strong presence in the NSW Greens scene. We have a lot of input into Greens policies and healthy representation on state working groups and committees. Our members are also active within the Australian Greens. Wherever members’ interests lie, whether at local, state or federal level, or indeed at an international level, we have the means to give them a meaningful involvement in the political process.Greenhouse float in NYE parade

Australia and the planet generally face great challenges this century. Climate change is the most significant, asking the question about whether our children and grandchildren will have an environment sufficiently healthy to support them into the future.

Meanwhile, we also have some lighter and good fun times. The regional Green gatherings at Woody Heads combine the joys of camping with some hard yakka and our fundraisers make sure we have some really great nights out.

Join us in trying to create a world in which the environment and our fellow citizens are given the respect they deserve, a world in which all humans, and all other species, are acknowledged for their true worth.

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