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Christine Milne Launches Greens Richmond Camapign

Christine Milne Launches Greens Richmond  Camapign
Christine Milne and Dawn Walker at Murwillumbah Photo Sue Stock

Last night, The Greens launched their campaign for the seat of Richmond. In what was possibly the biggest Greens event ever in the Tweed over 200 people attended came to participate, at the Murwillumbah community centre.

The Greens leader Christine Milne was present to support the local candidate, Dawn walker from Fingal Head.

The event drew Greens members and those interested in Greens policies from all over the northern rivers.
And a big thank you to Jeremy Buckingham for being a wonderful master of ceremonies for the evening..

Christine  Milne reaffirmed The Greens opposition to Coal seam gas mining and  core support for renewable energy sources, which she iterated provide a great wealth of opportunity for small business and local communities including the finance sector involved in supporting solar and other energy systems.  "I won't rest until there is a solar thermal power station up and running in this country to show how effective this solution is" said Christine.

The conventional gas industry will no longer be required as an interim step to transition from the fossil fuel industry. The rapid development of the renewable energy industry means the conventional gas industry has 'missed the boat' said Senator Milne.

 The climate is likely to warm well past a two degree rise. Never before has one generation held the power to make such a difference to the lives of the future generations. We must reduce the impact of climate change and attempt to hold the rise to two degree

Dawn Walker described how she became an activist and interested in politics. One day she saw her own modest house at Fingal head, in an advertisment in the local paper with a caption like "You can swap this for this" showing a huge mega home at the "hedges" on the gold coast. Outraged at such a development and that they would use her house without even asking ,she was galvanised into action.

When asked about coal seam gas mining,Christine replied that it is absurd to start up a new fossil fuel industry at the end of the fossil fuel era. Christine also said that communities that have a healthy  small business activity are also happier communities. She also says people all over the country want fresh food grown locally. Not food transported large distances by a fossil fuel industrialised system,
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