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71: Its Time To End The Corruption

For the past decade The Greens have worked to ban corporate donations to political parties. The Greens refuse to take donations from developers or big business. Everyone knows that developers who donate to political parties expect something in return. The NSW Labo...
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Posted: 13Mar2008 04:45   Similar items

72: Battle Of The Bands For Brunswick Heads

Battle Of The Bands For Brunswick HeadsSounds Unlimited will feature young musicians and their bands at The Soundshell in Terrace Park on Saturday 5 April. We now have 10 bands and start at 4pm instead of the advertised 6pm It's not a 'Band' competition but we are thinking of offering a coup...
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Posted: 13Mar2008 02:32   Similar items

73: Greens Only Pollies To Attend Byron Youth Drug And Alcohol Forum

Greens Only Pollies To  Attend Byron Youth Drug And Alcohol ForumMayor Jan Barham and MLC Ian Cohen were the only local politicians to attend a community forum on Youth Drug and Alcohol, held on Saturday 15 March in Byron Bay. A fairly new group called the Rate Payers Association organised this event and managed to obtain first rate...
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Posted: 12Mar2008 09:56   Similar items

74: Greens Vote Against Yelgun Spendour Site

The Byron Ballina Greens is opposed the establishment of a Festival Events facility at the Yelgun site. A meeting of members adopted this position due to the social impact, the environmental sensitivity of the area and its close proximity to the Billinudgel Nature Reser...
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Posted: 30Jan2008 03:52   Similar items

75: Thanks To Volunteers And Sponsors Of Karaoke 07

The Byron Ballina Greens want to thank the following volunteers and sponsors who made the Karaoke 07 event in Brunswick Heads possible. Volunteers -Michele Grant, Di Mc Kee & Mark, John Helman, Pat Warren, Gillian Secombe, Warren, Che & Jenni. Our Judges Andrea Heinr...
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Posted: 9Jan2008 03:56   Similar items

76: Kids Karaoke 07

Wet weather didn...
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Posted: 6Jan2008 08:44   Similar items

77: Nuclear Reactor Ready To Roll At Jervis Bay

Nuclear Reactor Ready To Roll At Jervis Bay...
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Posted: 23Nov2007 00:47   Similar items

78: Free Fruit Fires The Energy Cycle

Free Fruit Fires The Energy CycleShoppers at Pottsville Beach markets, received fresh, locally grown fruit on Sunday from Greens candidate, Giovanni Ebono. The price tag for the free lunch was a demonstration of the Energy Cycle, an exercise bike that rang a bell when the rider used the same energy req...
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Posted: 5Nov2007 03:27   Similar items

79: Railway Needs Green Magic

Railway Needs Green MagicBangalow railway station was the backdrop to a magical scene on Sunday, where Mandrake the Magician (Giovanni Ebono ) attempted to conjure a railway out of thin air! "We need more magic, we need a guarantee from our elected federal representatives that they will...
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Posted: 28Oct2007 01:34   Similar items

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