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61: Join The Greens And Make A Difference

Join The Greens And Make A DifferenceThe success of the Greens in the 2008 council elections across the Northern Rivers is a strong indication of the health and vibrancy of the party. The Greens party has been growing steadily over the last 15 years, in both the number of representatives and voter accept...
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Posted: 28Sep2008 07:04   Similar items

62: Green Change On North Coast

Green Change On North CoastThe clean green sweep of Ballina, Byron and Tweed on Saturday involves a certain degree of polarisation. Some conservative voters see the Greens as a new fangled bunch of feel good softies. They contrast these Johnny-come-lately's with the hardened pioneers who bat...
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Posted: 17Sep2008 04:46   Similar items

63: Northern Rivers A Natural Rice Growing Area

Northern Rivers A Natural Rice Growing AreaSouthern Cross University and The Department of Primary Industry are joining forces to create new varieties of rice appropriate to the climate and soils of the Northern Rivers. They have found that this area is ideal for rice growing. In fact some local farmers are a...
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Posted: 30Jul2008 05:38   Similar items

64: Early To Bed For Byron Shire Councillors!

Early To Bed For Byron Shire Councillors!In what could be considered a slap in the face for democracy in Byron Shire, the local council last week voted 7-3 against a motion moved by Greens members of Council to change meeting times from daytime back to night-time....
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Posted: 4Jul2008 07:01   Similar items

65: NSW Greens Discuss Their Future.

A group of Bryon Ballina Greens travelled to Sydney recently to attend the NSW Greens Futures Conference. This was just the second time in 10 years that such a get together had been held and the topics for discussions were a real testament to how much the party has prog...
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Posted: 4Jul2008 05:06   Similar items

66: High Court Decision Puts State Forests Under Threat

In a move that could signal a decline in the level of protection for State forests the High Court last week rejected a special leave to appeal by Greens Senator Bob Brown. Senator Brown was seeking to have upheld an earlier Federal Court decision that logging in the Wi...
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Posted: 5Jun2008 05:57   Similar items

67: Byron Shire Council Announces Greenhouse Action Strategy

Byron Shire Council Mayor Jan Barham, said today,"The development and implementation of our Greenhouse Action Strategy is one of the key successes of the current council." The 2008 Greenhouse Action Strategy is designed to guide Council and the wider Byron Shire com...
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Posted: 14May2008 05:59   Similar items

68: John Kaye Foresees A Bright Future For Publicly Owned Electricity

John Kaye Foresees A Bright Future For Publicly Owned ElectricityLast night at a meeting in Brunswick Heads (near Byron Bay), John Kaye Greens MLC outlined the reasons why electricity privatisation is a bad idea in New South Wales. John started by saying that we now stand at a significant point in Australia's history, where ...
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Posted: 2May2008 10:46   Similar items

69: Does Revolving Door Exist Between State Labor And NSW Developers?

What happens when you get a revolving door relationship between large developers and State Government? Do we have an example of this with the current relationship between State Labor and development companies in New South Wales? Money seems to be turning up in the ...
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Posted: 9Apr2008 06:36   Similar items

70: Former Byron Councillor Speaks About Woolworths Approval In Mullumbimby

Former Byron Councillor Speaks About Woolworths Approval In MullumbimbyOn Thursday two national TV news crews (channel nine and channel seven) descended on Mullumbimby to film a protest against the building of a large Woolworths supermarket in the town. BBG interviewed Duncan Dey a former Greens Byron shire councillor....
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Posted: 2Apr2008 04:56   Similar items

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