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11: Notes From The National Conference

Notes From The National ConferenceThe Australian Greens National conference was held over the weekend 3rd to 4th November. Delegates from all over Australia attended as well as many interested greens members including our own Greens councillor Rose Wanchap....
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12: Lock The Gate Anti Coal Seam Gas Rally 13th October 2012

Lock The Gate Anti Coal Seam Gas Rally 13th October 2012On Saturday over four thousand people rallied at Murwillumbah on Saturday to oppose Coal Seam Gas. A sea of yellow filled the town as Protesters marched through the streets. Most were donned in yellow, and carried yellow placards with black writing naming all the towns...
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13: Byron Walks For Port Augusta Solar Power Station

Byron Walks For Port Augusta  Solar Power StationOn Sunday the 30th September People from Byron ,Ballina and Tweed walked from The Pass along the beach to the Peace Pole at the surf club in Byron bay. The walk was in support of a national campaign to build a solar thermal power station at Port Augusta in south Aus...
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14: Interview With Bob Brown At The Writers Festival

Interview With Bob Brown At The Writers FestivalInterview with Bob Brown recorded at the Byron bay writers festival by the Byron shire echo. Interviewer Hans Lovejoy Video Sharon Shostak...
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15: Jeremy Buckinghams USA Frack Finding Tour

Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham is currently on a "frack finding tour" of the USA. Jeremy and Drew Hutton and other members of lock the gate are compiling information first hand that the effects of coal seam gas drilling have had on communities in the USA...
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16: John Kaye Visits Byron Shire

John Kaye Visits Byron ShireLast Tuesday 20th Byron Greens hosted a breakfast with NSW Upper House MP John Kaye , at the Sandbar Café in Brunswick Heads. John holds NSW Greens Education, Health and Energy portfolios. Members and friends of The Greens came along to discuss concerns and find out w...
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17: Triple J Releases New Video About Bob Brown

TripleJtv have just relaeased a video of Australian Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown taking us to his beautiful property in the Liffey Valley to chart the history of Activism in the Island state, reflecting on some of the milestone wins....
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18: Watch This Video About Coal Seam Gas Mining In The Northern Rivers

The North coast has a dirty secret, it is called coal seam gas mining. Coal seam gas mining or CSG will destroy our precious water resources, make farms unliveable pollute air and water for humans and crops and livestock. This movie shows the huge polluted waste water...
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19: Jan Barham Inaugral Speech In The New South Wales Parliament

Jan Barham Inaugral Speech In The New South Wales ParliamentOn Wednesday the 11th of May 201 Jan Barham delivered her first speech to the NSW Legislative Council

Video is now available....
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20: Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham Attends Tara Coal Seam Gas Blockade

Last Weekend Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham travelled to the Western Darling Downs, Queensland, to take part in the 'Lock the Gate' blockade of the coal seam gas industry. Local land holders and farmers are locking the gate to stop QGC (owned by British Gas) fr...
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