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Jeremey Buckingham Frack Finding Tour Ocean Shores

Jeremey Buckingham Frack Finding Tour Ocean Shores
Jeremy Buckingham: The Greens oppose CSG

The Frack finding Tour came to Ocean Shores last night. Greens Upper house MP Jeremy Buckingham showed his film on the consequences of fracking in Lapindo in Surabaya Indonesia where the Australian mining company Santos was a partner in an exploration well for gas. Santos has claimed they always do things right, but this time things went terribly wrong. The exploratory well which was drilled within sight of an active volcano erupted with boiling mud. Jeremy visited Lapind with a group of Australian farmers including Penny Blatchford, Moree cotton farmer and greens candidate on the NSW senate ticket.

Film shows Fourty Metre high mud volcano

The mud volcano has now engulfed a significant part of the city of Lapindo destroying homes and roads and businesses. Incredibly, the well was drilled in a commercial area in the city precinct. Now there are massive dykes built around it and a new freeway is being built in a futile attempt to avoid the disaster. The mud volcano covers to-date over 1300 hectares and is growing . Pictures show pumps everywhere and  high voltage electrical pylons falling over.

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River Contaminated

The amount of water coming to the surface is so great that it is being pumped into the nearby river which is now a silvery stinking wasteland. This river supports over 2 million people.  Around 50,000 people have had to be moved because their homes have been inundated or the pollution prevents them from living there. There are so many people who are now sick, that the government has given them free health cards.

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