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Greens in NSW Parliament

Greens state and Federal Members of parliament

Information about local councillors appears on the councillors page.

 The Greens have five Members of Parliament in the NSW Upper House, one in the NSW Lower House and a Senator representing NSW in the Federal Senate. In local government we have 4 Mayors and 76 councillors working hard throughout the state (search byname or council).

We have worked hard in the NSW Parliament since Ian Cohen was first elected in 1995 to give a strong voice to the community and the environment.  Greens MPs have worked together to expose the corrupting influence of corporate donations on our democracy, oppose privatisation and the sale of our public assets, helped to stop the closure of public schools, been a strong, consistent voice for the protection of high conservation land and waterways, and moved legislation to protect prime agricultural land and water from mining.   See The Greens' Achievements in NSW Parliament.


The Australian Greens website presents information about the Greens Senators in the Australian Federal Parliament.

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