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61: Deals Behind Closed Doors Have To Stop!

This was the message from participants of The Residents Against Inappropriate Development who held a successful rally last weekat Hyde Park in Sydney. There were representatives of 30 groups from around NSW - all of whom came to express their displeasure at recent amend...
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Posted: 27Oct2008 02:50   Similar items

62: Native Forest Are Still The Answer

Report from Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCC) forum on Carbon Forests. by Sandra Heilpern October 2008 As I was down in Sydney last week, I went along to this NCC forum to see how our city brothers and sisters organised a climate change event. Th...
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Posted: 27Oct2008 02:09   Similar items

63: Local Kayaks To Save Mary River

Local Kayaker Steve Posselt is undertaking another great journey to highlight the threat facing the Mary River with the building of the Traveston Crossing Dam. Steve has done a number of trips before, most notably a journey down the Darling and Murray Rivers, to hig...
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Posted: 23Sep2008 12:26   Similar items

64: Westheimer Swings / Greens Outnumbered On Splendour DA

Westheimer Swings / Greens Outnumbered On Splendour DAIn what was the climax to an emotional afternoon Byron Shire Council voted 5 to 4 to approve the hosting of a trial Splendour in the Grass festival at Yelgun in 2009. Dissenting votes were the Greens and Clr Lazarus. Councillor Peter Westheimer was considered to be t...
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Posted: 4Aug2008 03:08   Similar items

65: Mullumbimby Protests Sartor / Woolies Planning

Frustration and anger at moves by Woolworths to build a supermarket in the quiet streets of Mullumbimby burst into flames on the weekend and consumed a cardboard model of the proposed building. A crowd of 300-400 people gathered at a local park to hear a variety of s...
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Posted: 13Jul2008 10:34   Similar items

66: Reign Of Terror In New South Wales Scientific Community?

Reign Of Terror In New South Wales Scientific Community?In a disturbing report on ABC Stateline last week (20th June) it was revealed that the former NSW State health minister John Hatzistergos had sought to silence the findings of a report from a Sydney scientist that was not to his liking. The NSW Health Depart...
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Posted: 25Jun2008 05:56   Similar items

67: Judy Wicks Visits Mullumbimby

Judy Wicks Visits MullumbimbyOn Tuesday 27th May, American community activist and successful businesswoman Judy Wicks gave a talk and workshop at St Johns Hall in Mullumbimby. Judy spoke about her experiences in Philadelphia where she has established a small business network (BALLE) that encourages...
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Posted: 28May2008 05:32   Similar items

68: Local Councils Launch Keep It Local Campaign

Local Councils Launch Keep It Local CampaignCOUNCILS across NSW have warned their residents to be "very afraid" about the latest "pro-developer" laws proposed by the State Government. Local councils, shires and mayors joined forces last Friday to launch the "Keep It Local" campaign a bid to keep vital planning...
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Posted: 25May2008 06:22   Similar items

69: Jan Barham To Run For Mayor In Byron Shire Council Elections 2008

Byron Ballina Greens announced today that Jan Barham will again be their candidate for mayor of Byron Shire in the upcoming local government elections. If successful this will be Jan's second term as mayor after being elected in 2004 and after spending four ye...
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Posted: 21May2008 05:00   Similar items

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