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Jeremy Buckinghams USA Frack finding Tour presented in Mullumbimby

Jeremy Buckinghams USA Frack finding Tour presented in Mullumbimby
Jeremy Buckingham at Mullumbimby

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham presented his "Frack Finding Tour" at Mullumbimby last Friday. Jeremy is touring the State with a presentation explaining the social and environmental and effects of CSG, and devastation arising from the total industrialisation of the landscape.
Jeremy Talked about the Terrible impact of Unconventional Gas mining in the USA. He also talked about the progress of the anti CGS social movement in Australia, especially the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales which is now a template and an inspiration for the rest of the world. .

Unconventional Gas in the USA

Jeremy's presentation describes the devastating effect this industry has and is having on the lives of farmers, townsfolk and city dwellers in the USA. Vast areas of the USA are now virtually unliveable. The pollution is on a monumental scale which boggles the mind. Large tracts of farmland are now unuseable, as well as the destruction of river systems, destruction of forests to build pipelines, roads  and powerlines. All this for a 10 year industry. 

The audience asked Jeremy to release his movie and put it on youtube. Hopefully we will be able to see it soon, as it is gives a raw graphic account of the effects of this industry.

Glenugie Blockade

Jeremy visited Glenugie near Grafton where there is a blockade to stop the drilling of a so called coal seam gas  exploration well. The Glenugie blockade is a valiant and effective step taken by a concerned and determined community . They are well organised with great food , music and a fantastic vibe.  "Don't be fooled by the term Exploration Well" he said.  "An exploration well is a production well, they just change the name, its semantics that's all.

Coal Seam Gas Exploration in Western Sydney

The decision of the government to open up western Sydney  to coal seam gas production has galvanised the people of Western Sydney and added great fire to the whole anti CSG campaign and the campaign for renewables.  Camden Penrith and  (can you believe it) the Sydney water catchment. Imagine a government that will allow CSG exploration in this area where it is illegal to walk!!!.
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