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New Video from Dawn Walker Greens Candidate for Richmond

Dawn Walker is The Greens candidate for the federal seat of Richmond. She has a passion for the NSW North Coast, its people and unique environment. Dawn is campaigning to stop CSG mining, reverse cuts to single parents, bring dental care under Medicare and take action on climate change.


Who is Dawn Walker and what does she believe is beneficial for our electorate?

Dawn Walker is The Greens Candidate for the Federal Seat of Richmond. Dawn moved to the Northern Rivers nearly 8 years ago and settled with her family into an old disused Post Office on the beach - a small white fibro shack with sea blue windows, a veggie patch, and a garden full of orange hibiscus. The bell on the door and the counter is still in place. Just the way the Postmaster left it.

“I enrolled the kids into the local primary school and we immersed ourselves in community life - P&C meetings, Coast care plantings, cultural heritage days with the local Indigenous community, surf club training, street parties. It was true community living”.

One Saturday, Dawn picked up the local paper and saw her home splashed across the third page. It was an article on beach shacks from sleepy seaside villages being transformed into multi million dollar investment properties. The newspaper had used a picture of their house as an example of how the area could be “redeveloped”.

“The article read - The new Hedges Avenue –You can go from this......”a picture of our house” this............”a picture of a massive McDonald style mansion.
This started a journey for me - it made me realise that the community life and the precious environment that I was enjoying - could not be taken for granted - that it was threatened and it needed back up”.

The “from this to this” headline - emphasised to Dawn the importance of a vision. This was an outsider’s vision - a developer who liked Hedges Avenue, Gold Coast and wanted to share the love.

Dawn knew that many people in her area didn’t share the developers vision – and their vision needed to be given a voice too.

“We live in communities here in Richmond - wonderful diverse communities that argue and tussle over issues but are held together by this powerful environment - our mountains, rivers, rich red soils, abundant wildlife and pristine coastline. The outside pressures however are mounting.
Global warming, industrialisation of our farms through CSG mining, underfunded public transport, cuts to single parents benefits and sprawling housing development to name a few.

Many in our communities have dedicated their lives to ensuring these outside pressures do not take hold in this region. For some this has been political – 4 of the five strongest booths for the Greens nationally in the last election came from Richmond. For some it has been a life dedicated to environmentalism with its associated report writing, submission deadlines, grant applications and project management. Others have stood on the front line – using their body and spirit to stop the destruction of our land, water and community life.”

“My job will be to stay close to this community and make sure we get a voice when developments are being decided for the region - to bring our community and our magnificent environment to the table - so we are heard.

And more than this - so we can contribute and in fact lead the national debate on renewable energy, sustainable communities, healthy small businesses, living cultural heritage and protected environments - because the Northern Rivers is a place that has always walked the talk. It’s a place worth fighting for. It’s a community with a vision."

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